Breeding Hamsters What To Know


By Hamsterpaws
A lot of people do what the Rebel appropriately terms ‘reckless breeding’. If you want to breed hamsters, but don’t want to breed recklessly, you really need to do your homework so you know what can go wrong. Here are the questions I believe you should ask yourself before even deciding on the parents.

1. Do I know when a female is in heat? Or how often she goes into heat?

2. Do I have at least 20 people lined up to take the pups?

3. If I choose to keep the pups, do I have a 20 cages for a possible 20 pups, plus cages for each parent?

4. Do I know what to do if anything goes wrong, and I must handfeed the pups?

5. What is the genetic bloodline of each parent I plan to use?

6. What is a lethal gene or semi-lethal gene that could cause problems for the pups?

7. Do I know how long gestation lasts?

8. Do I put male with female, female with male, or introduce them on neutral ground?

9. Why do I want to breed hamsters?

10. Are the parents related? What are possible consequences for inbreeding in hamsters?

11. How long should the female rest between litters?

12. How many litters should the female have in her lifetime?

13. Does the male and/or female become infertile, and if so, at what age?

14. What kind of diet should Mom be given during pregnancy and nursing?

15. At what age do I wean the pups and put them into seperate-gender cages?

16. At what age does each pup need to move into a solitary enclosure?

17. What bedding should/shouldn’t I use when breeding hamsters?

18. Am I prepared for any possible disaster that could occur?

19. Do I have money set aside should I need to rush the hamster family to the vet?

20. Can I deal emotionally with problems, i.e. cannibalism, watching pups die painfully, etc.?

21. What are all the terms used in breeding? How well is my vocabulary as far as breeding is concerned?

Until you can answer every single one of these questions thoughtfully and honestly, please don’t risk the lives of your hamsters and any potential pups.