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Hamsterific University is the place to go to find out fascinating information on hamsters that you might not find anywhere else. We’ve asked our most knowledgeable hamster experts to share what they’ve learned about hamsters with us, and you! Although currently the list is short it’s growing daily with more articles being written as we speak…err or as you read anyway! The articles can range from in-depth information on common topics, like bedding and food, to more specific topics on less conspicuous subjects, like different types of white hamsters. Not all white dwarf hamsters are Winter White Russians you know!
So take it all in and learn about the world’s favorite rodents!

Diabetes in Dwarf Hamsters
Dwarf hamsters are very susceptible to diabetes. If you own a dwarf hamster please read the following article to learn the sign, symptoms, causes and care.

Winterize Your Hamster!
Like many mammals, when hamsters get cold they can enter a state of hibernation. Find out how to tell if your hamster is hibernating, and how to wake him from a winter nap without harm.

The White Hamster Exposed!
A fascinating study of different types of white hamster.

Extensive List Of Good And Bad Foods For Your Hamster
An extensive list of the proper foods for your hamster, and the ones to avoid.

Breeding Knowledge. Do You Have It?
Questions you need to answer before you take on the awesome responsibility of bringing more hamsters into the world.

A Hamster Pups Journey To Adulthood
An incredible picture filled essay documenting the complete day by day progression of a litter of syrian hamsters.

A Wet Tail Primer
A short essay describing the common hamster disease known as “Wet Tail” and it’s treatment.

Hamster Medicine Guide
Hamsters have very specific medicine requirements that need to be followed when your hamster is sick. Many veterinarians are not often exposed to hamsters and this list of the helpful and deadly meds could save your hamster’s life.

The Hairless Syrian Hamster
The Hairless Syrian Hamster is a beautiful and largely misunderstood creature that has special needs if it is to thrive. This article hopes to enlighten you on the hamster that doesn’t hide behind a furry coat.

Aspergillus Fungus
The Aspergillus fungus can make your hamsters sick. Learn more about it in this short essay.

Hamster Breeding Pairs To Avoid
Breeding hamsters is a big responsibility. If you do decide to bring more pets into the world there are some pairings that must be avoided to make sure your pups have a fighting chance.

Bathing a Hamster
Hamsters are clean animals that don’t need to get wet to take a bath. In fact getting a hamster wet can kill your hamster. This article explains the pitfalls and the techniques to give your hamster a bath in case of emergencies.

Sexing a Hamster
Sexing a hamster can be tricky at first, but with a little practice it gets easier. Read our article on how to sex hamsters and save your little guy the embarrassment of being named Kewtee Pie.