Chewing On Cage Bars

By: VixyTrixy c/o

Although many hamsters chew on their cage bars, it is neither healthy or safe. Chewing on the hard metal bars of their cage can Hamster Chewing on Cage Barscause brain damage and misaligned teeth. Excessive bar chewing can cause the brain to become misaligned, in turn causing brain damage. Likewise, chewing the bars can cause a hamster’s teeth to break, misaligning them. Misaligned teeth will need regular trimming to keep them at the proper length. If a hamsters teeth break off, they will be different lengths. Left untreated, they will grow up into the brain, eventually killing the hamster. Bar chewing is sometimes caused by boredom, so take plenty of time to play with your hamster, and provide plenty of toys. Swap the toys around regularly to stop your hamsters’ environment from becoming monotonous. As an alternative to chewing the bars, you might try providing fruit tree branches (make sure they have not been treated with pesticides) or wooden chews. However, many hamsters will not want to chew on the wood. As an alternative to wooden chews, many hamsters prefer to chew on unflavoured dog biscuits. If, even after all this, your hamster still continues to chew on the cage bars, it is in your hamsters’ best interests to move it to a barless or aquarium type cage to stop the problem.

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