Fluffy Bedding Hamster Nesting Material Alert

It’s soft, it’s fluffy and it comes in a variety of colors. Hamsters appear to enjoy tearing it apart and building a nest with it. BUT, HAMSTER OWNERS BEWARE commercial fluffy bedding could be hazardous to your hamster’s well being. There have been numerous reports from veterinarians and pet owners indicating that this fluffy bedding has gotten twisted around the limbs of babies, it has choked babies, it has caused infection in pouches and created intestinal impaction.
A study conducted by The British Hamster Association indicates that they could not find any evidence of research being conducted by the manufacturers of this bedding to determine whether or not it was actually safe for hamsters.

A suggested alternative to this fluffy bedding is plain unscented toilet tissue. Put a large piece in the cage and it doesn’t take long before it is chewed up and a very elaborate nest is built. It’s safe, it’s inexpensive and the hamsters love it!!