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Hamsterific's Hamster University will explore many areas of the worlds most popular pet rodent. Drawing on the vast hamster knowledge that many of our fellow hamster lovers have passed on to us, Hamsterific University will seek to enlighten the true seeker of hamster mastery. Publishing articles from many different hamster experts on a regular basis will keep the information complete and up to date with the latest in hamster trends and technology, as well as time tested methods for keeping your pet hamster in top physical and mental condition.
So explore your hamsters world at Hamsterific's newest section Hamsterific University!

Hamleto the Hamster

Hamleto is a cartoon hamster brought to life by artist Valentina "Tyn" Sgaggero. Hamleto leads a fascinating life. These cartoons are a crack-up! Check 'em out!


Ultra P P my hamster in a tree!


Once they roamed the wilderness, feared by seed and insect alike... But today's modern Dwarf and Syrian hamsters have been living the urban lifestyle for years, but as we all know they can still flash a mean tooth when awakened from a cozy little nap. Learn hamster taming secrets of the pros in our article on hamster handling: ESSENTIAL SECRETS OF THE HAMSTER TAMER


Male Or Female Hamster? Sexing Hamsters We get this question more than any other, so get your mind out of the gutter and listen up! Since Mother Nature chose not to color code hamsters' noses blue for boy and pink for girl, it is necessary to "take a peek" to determine the sex of your hamsters. So what do you do? Hold the hamster by the either the nape of the neck or on it's back with back legs stretched out. Then compare them to them to our handy HAMSTER SEXING DIAGRAM Male hamsters have an elongated bottom with two separated vents (or openings) and the rounder female hamster's bottom has two vents which are very close together (sometimes almost appearing as one). Furthermore, the female hamsters vents are not quite as round as the male hamsters. Now you have no excuse for naming that boy hamster Pikachu! Gesundheit...
Check out Hamsterific University for a really good hamster sexing article.


Does your hamster chew on it's cage bars? It's not safe if he/she does, bar chewing can cause dain bramage and misaligned or broken teeth. But never fret we have some suggestions if your rambunctious furry little hamsters have recently developed a taste for metal. CLICK HERE TO READ OUR ARTICLE ON BAR CHEWING

Doc Hamster has the answers!


The Aspergillis Fungus is a common problem among hamsters, but unfortunately many hamster owners don't even know of it's existence. You should read about this deadly but easily preventable fungus as reported by expert, Alex, aka our own Rebel226 CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL REPORT

TUPENCE GUVNA! An Orphaned Hamster Pup Survival Guide.

Read our fascinating articles on how to raise orphaned hamster pups to be well adjusted adult hamsters. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ORPHANED HAMSTERS

A montage of hamsters pics


With so many different kinds of hamsters around and new names for hamsters popping up all the time keeping up with them all can be a challenge, even for a dedicated hamster keeper. Add to the fact that many hamsters have multiple names and what you have my friends, is one huge mess! Syrian hamsters, Russians hamsters, Siberian hamsters, Chinese hamsters, Roborovski hamsters, Black Bear hamsters, Teddy Bear hamsters, Long hair hamsters, Short hair hamsters, Winter White hamsters, Golden hamsters, Platinum hamsters... sigh! It's a mouthful. We try and sort out the mess in our hamster name guide entitled "WHAT KIND OF HAMSTER IS THAT?", or if you need pictures you can click here and check out our VARIETIES PAGE, we'll try and help you sort out the Winter White hamsters from the Black Bear hamsters, but be warned, it ain't gonna be easy!

The Tao of Hamster T-shirt!

Get Your Hamster Zen On With
'Tao of Hamster' Gear!

Check out the Cafepress store for some new Zen-acious creations by Andy like the one pictured here. You can click here to check out the new designs but you'll have to go to CafePress to purchase them. All three designs are available in a number of colors and shirt styles and of course you can also buy the original "Bandit" logo tee with or without the Hamsterific moniker to go with it. Andy is diligently working on new designs all the time but he's especially proud of these new designs and knows they will be a tough act to follow. If you have any suggestions for future designs don't hesitate to drop him a line, he loves new ideas!

Ask A Hamster Vet
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Hamster mite fighting recipe


Thanks to Hamsterite Ellischia for this one!

1 pint of room temperature water
1 Tablespoon of Witchhazel
1 Tablespoon of Listerine (not flavored)

Apply the solution to the mite infected hamster externally with a washcloth or put the solution in a spray bottle and lightly spray the hamster while being careful to protect the eyes, nose and mouth. After you treat the hamster it is important to clean your hamster's cage and accessories thoroughly, change the bedding and spray the solution lightly in the cage and on the hamster's toys and accessories.

Witchhazel can often be found in grocery stores but is more commonly found at your local drug store.

Please note: This is not to be taken internally, it is a topical (on the skin) treatment.

UPDATE: According to Ken, the hamster guru, this recipe has been proven effective to treat mite infestations through a number of user testimonials. So rest easy young hamsterite, I think your hamster is gonna pull through!

A hamster powered Light!


OtherPower has answered the age old question "Can a hamster power a night light?". The philosopher's stone of hamsterdom has been found! Read about their success in creating The Hamster Powered Night Light.
Special thanks to the driving force behind this project, Skippy the Hamster.
Graphic Artist Andy Markison
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